About Janith Wickramage ?

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One of my friend told me that actor Janith Wickramage is the son of a famous artist couple. I like Janith’s skills as an actor. I have already seen few films he appeared and I very much like his acting in “Kathura” Program.
So I would like to know about Janith Wickramage parents? I thought Janith is the brother of Saliya Sathyajith. But my friend told me they are not related.

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  1. Sandakalum says:

    Yes Janith Wickramage’s parents are popular actor Ananda Wickramage and actress Manel Wanaguru. I think Janith became famous with his role in “Hiri Poda Wassa” film.
    I also do like his acting in “Kathura’. He seems to be so spontaneous in acting there.
    Janith has a brother and he is also said to be acting soon.
    Even if Janith is new to field he is very well popular among his colleagues as a cool guy.

  2. Krishantha says:

    To add few more information about Janith’s family; Janith’s brother’s name is Sanketh Abhilash Wickramage and he has acted before as a child actor. In 2002 Sanketh won a merit award at Signis award ceremony in 2002.
    Janith’s full name is Janith Abhishek Wickramage.
    I think Saliya Sathyajith is the son of the actor who played the role of “Larry mudalali” in lanka Orix leasing TV Commercial. Janith first movie was “Pem Raja Dahana” shown back in 1988.

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